Logo design


Unique design effect. We had to create a log that reflects all the freedom of the design. We created a logo with a symbol at the same time, which refers to the company's activities, the name of the company, and a motto, but it has not become too crowded. We have designed a logo that is simple, easy to remember, yet it contains all the important information. In the case of a mixed logo, the simple rule is that it is simpler and that the text and the symbol must also be harmonized in the color world. It is also important that, with its simplicity, the logo becomes more unique and memorable, so its creation is a very complicated task. The logo symbolizes the company and displays its activity, which must be consistent with the text element. It is important to use simple forms and clean solutions. There is a need for definite lines and the use of little attention-grabbing colors that are naturally in line with each other.