Logo design


At the request of the Salt Lamp Center, we created a non-figurative logo, which is also a combed logo. On the web page, the 2D representation is replaced by the 3D graphic design of the logo, which is much more noticeable than the 2D representation.
A versatile logo is effective when you are able to stand in any application. It is important during design that we make it editable in vector format, so we can give plans to the customer not only in different types but also in different color variations. It is therefore advisable to design the emblem in black and white for the first time, in that case it will not focus primarily on the colors but on the logo form. The primary point in designing a logo is to make the logo appropriate. The goals set by the company have to be kept in mind, but attention has to be paid to placement. In terms of image and appearance, it is important to be in harmony with the design of the emblem, but the colors have a decisive role. It is a good idea to choose a color suitable for your profession. The Sólámpás Cnter, having dreamed a clear color, less colorful website, had to create the logo to counteract the color of the web site in a clear way but to match the style notes. The end result is a non-figurative logo that reflects harmony through a non-figurative rendering, with the harmonizing colors.