Logo design


Complex online marketing solutions, web site creation, SEO, software development - this is the Web. The Web Agency software development company has been in the business of creating a logo that represents the company as a single symbol, in the form of an alphabet, and reflects on the introduction lines on their website. In the light of this, we have created the Web logo so that it reflects the importance of customer relations, the professional nature of the company. An important pillar of the logo was the fact that in Web Affairs, client management employees have high professional expectations in order to be truly credible to the company's customers, representing high quality web services. When creating a font, we have taken note of the fact that red color speeds up the internal processes, so it is capable of prompting a person to make quick decisions, while emphasizing the image and the text. When creating the Webügy logo, we emphasized the fair deal and the importance of establishing personal relationships, emphasizing trust.