About us!

The complexity of the task you trust with us can be anyway, our creativity knows no bounds. We work with agencies, multinationals, marketing groups, IT developers, non-profit organizations, manufacturers, printers, service providers, businesses and individuals, so we have a lot of graphics experience. It feels good to be able to help a business get ahead and take pride if the ideas shared by us are still alive.

Our session

Usually a customer reaches us by a recommendation, but you can also contact us directly through any of our contact details.

We can meet or you can send an email to us, or you can consult us on skype and you'll get questions so that we both know what we want to create. We provide our clients with the latest trends and developments and provide them with advice, examine their current situation and think together, think about future goals.

Through our powerful marketing and business strategy we can begin graphic design. We strictly take into account trends and our customers' requests. In collaboration, we modify design and graphic materials as much as 100%.

Accepted materials will be discussed in their future use, and the final result will then be passed. The transfer can be done personally either via online cloud, or email, according to the customer's needs. I will forward the finished material in a format that you will be able to use in all areas (CDR, AI, PSD, PDF, JPG, PNG + as you like).


Most people are visual, that is, they are much more aware of the information they can link to a particular color world. If you have a uniform image that you can consistently apply to any promotional platform, you will strengthen your company's brand with each of your ads and releases to distinguish it from the competition! You can build your own brand and your image!


There are several types of logos: non-figurative, typographic, drawing, iconic, and their mixing within a logo. The logos can be vertical and horisontal.


One of the key areas of activity in Infografik is design activites, which builds on years of experience. The corporate website or portal is compliance with the mission if you take advantage of the possibilities of bi-directional communication in electronic media. The website not only informs the outside world but also a market research tool.


Most infographics use images and illustrations to simplify the information. There are some themes that can be portrayed with the tools of typography, but it is much simpler if the images compress the message. Our creative graphicist will think about how to build the concept of infographic, what kind of idea and story it makes the sentence more appealing, how it breaks the subject into units, and what tools it drives the reader around each part. It assembles the foundation that is waiting to dress up and decorate.

We pay special attention to our customers.
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